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The seal of the envelope also bears three symbols, allegedly used by James when he hid treasure. And they have authenticated the hand writing in the letter to be that of O. Leaving this family — who claims to be distantly related to Jesse James — excited to share this proof of his long, albeit crime-ridden, life. Grandpa died August 15th at pm. For an old man age past, he died his best.

We were in Nashville, Tennessee 2 weeks in Not too far from the New Mexico line. Wish you could have come up. We flew over NM twice in July , crossed your state again on or about Nov. JJ went to Oklahoma twice in , Chicago, Texas and on a hospital stretcher with a paralyzed rt. Could you or Shane done it even now let alone past years of age?

Where is Stanley? So Jesse Woodson James at age went to his death still answering questions-some authentic like yours. Will you please mail the clipping of the paper you save so I can add it to JJ scrap book, please?

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Very strong Lovecraft related anthology. The premise is that the stories are inspired by passages from Lovecraft's essay "Supernatural Horror in Literature. Dec 23, Mark rated it really liked it.

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As you might therefore expect, the results are diverse. It manages that tricky job of being both erudite and yet accessible, of being reasoned and balanced when others might descend into outrage or obsequious fawning. Reading rather like an episode of The Addams Family, its wry humour lightened the mood of the collection enormously. As Jesse points out in the Introduction, this could be a recipe for disaster, yet both authors, both authors new to me, seem to have managed it.

NM family says letter proves Jesse James lived to age 107….

It made me wonder what HPL would have made of movies, especially those inspired by his written work. This starts well and has a lot of aspects that I liked but fell apart a little at the end. In summary, this is an unusual anthology worthy of your attention. There is a lot of Lovecraftian ephemera out there and sometimes it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Letters to Lovecraft strikes me as an intelligent attempt to do something different and as such should be applauded. It is the first time that I have come across Stone Skin Press, but based on the evidence presented here, it is not going to be my last.

Dec 19, Jenna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone, Fans of Horror, Academic lovers of genre fiction. Excerpted from my blog jenna-bird. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I was exceedingly excited to get my hands on an Advance Review Copy of this collection. I pursued it before I came down with what would be a 4 week viral ordeal, with ripple effects I'm still feeli Excerpted from my blog jenna-bird.

I pursued it before I came down with what would be a 4 week viral ordeal, with ripple effects I'm still feeling more than 4 months later. I cannot say it half so well as Publishers Weekly or SFF World -- but I agree wholeheartedly with them that this collection is something different in the best of ways.

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Each author selects a particular passage from Lovecraft's essay and introduces their story with a brief explanation of their relationship with that passage. This made the collection all the more enticing for me, as a reader and student of academia. It is often a valuable insight to hear the author's own voice when engaging with works that are part of a conversation, such as the conversation created between these tales and Lovecraft's essay. The format also creates a binding thread that runs through the anthology, making every story fit. There isn't a slacker or outlier in the bunch. I was hypnotized and drawn into each story through not only the writer's craft, but the interaction between Lovecraft's essay and the author's view of it.

This anthology is the sweet spot between academic engagement and idolic entertainment. Of the entire collection, many stories stuck with me; to pick a favorite would be an impossible task. Would I choose Grey's dabbling in using Lovecraft as a character, Jones' lycanthropic romp, or Files' exploration of things hidden in childhood? But, at the end of the day, one story has stayed with me over the months - even though I've skipped it on re-reads of the collection because it creeped me out so much - and that is Nadia Bulkin's "Only Unity Saves the Damned".

Mar 25, Teodor rated it really liked it. It's refreshing to see a Lovecraft anthology with a specific angle to it, which makes for a nice change from the dozens upon dozens of pastiche volumes that are piling up each year. Making its contributors engage with Lovecraft's Supernatural Horror in Literature - a manifesto of sorts for weird fiction - means that we get to witness contemporary authors wrestle with Lovecraft's legacy first-hand - 'live', and this is exciting in and of itself, and an added bonus is the authors' introductory notes to each story, explaining why they chose the particular passage from the essay in question.

Chesya Burke's 'The Horror at the Castle of the Cumberland' addresses Lovecraft's racism unflinchingly - using the full extent of her negative capability to embody a mercilessly prejudiced mindset. This lends nuance to an ongoing discussion of Lovecraft's problematic worldview - which is constantly being addressed on various media but which gains emotional depth through fiction. May 05, Geoff rated it liked it. This wasn't exactly what I was expecting, which is my fault because I didn't read the blurb properly. I was expecting some fun modern pastiches of Lovecraft's work, and further tales relating to his 'Cthulhu Mythos'.

What I got was a lot of original weird fiction derived from themes in his famous essay on Supernatural Horror in Literature. I think on balance I'd have preferred the pastiche. There are some decent stories here - the standout for me was 'Glimmer in the Darkness' by Asamatsu Ken a w This wasn't exactly what I was expecting, which is my fault because I didn't read the blurb properly. There are some decent stories here - the standout for me was 'Glimmer in the Darkness' by Asamatsu Ken a writer whose work I will seek out in future. This and 'Food From the Clouds' by Molly Tanzer were the only tales that really captured the uncanny feeling of Lovecraft's work.

This wasn't a requirement of the anthology but it happens to be what I was looking for, so I rate these two highly. Most of the stories are serviceable but not that memorable, and 'There Has Been a Fire' by Kirsten Alene was just impenetrable. A good effort overall, but not a must-read for Lovecraft fans.

Feb 24, Alan rated it liked it Shelves: lovecraftian. I enjoyed it, but unfortunately not as much as I'd hoped. It was a mixed bag, as anthologies so often are.

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Some stories I really enjoyed and a few I skimmed for the sake of moving along. I entered fully aware that these would not all necessarily be Lovecraftian stories, rather stories as responses to Lovecraft's essay Supernatural Horror in Literature. Nevertheless I expected more. But there are a few, such as Past Reno, that I will definitely read again with pleasure. Jun 24, Haley Nixt rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed. This was a very diverse collection of short stories that I really enjoyed reading. I haven't gotten around to reading Lovecraft yet he's on my list!

Laws' "The Trees", and Molly Tanzer's "Food from the Clouds" were three pieces that really stuck wit This was a very diverse collection of short stories that I really enjoyed reading. Laws' "The Trees", and Molly Tanzer's "Food from the Clouds" were three pieces that really stuck with me in terms of world-building, and Nadia Bulkin's "Only Unity Saves the Damned" had great character building for such a limited word count.

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None of the stories are particularly difficult in terms of technicality, and they're all pretty easy reads. Overall, I read the book in about three hours and, while the quality of the stories vary a bit, there were only a handful of stories that I didn't really care for. Mar 07, K. Rose rated it liked it Shelves: scifi , horror-psychological , fantasy-supernatural-paranormal. Most of the stories in this collection were excellent. The addition of the sections of Lovecraft's essay at the beginning of each story with which it connected plus that particular story's author's interpretation and explanation of why they chose to address that section of the essay was a pretty awesome touch.

I'd say out of the 18 stories in this collection there were only really two for which I didn't really care. May 19, James rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , horror. It's due back at the library and I guess I'm not in a cosmic horror mood. Read the first few stories and they were very good, not just a collection if hackwork so maybe when I feel like a horror read I will pick it up again. Quinn rated it it was amazing Oct 03, Jesse rated it really liked it Jan 24, Joel Hacker rated it liked it Oct 06, Noshrok Grimskull rated it really liked it Sep 30, Amy Baker rated it liked it Jun 28, Lark KerBerethrou rated it it was amazing Oct 01, Ronald Weston rated it really liked it Feb 18, Coraima rated it liked it May 05, Thoughastronaut rated it liked it Jan 16, Heidi Ward rated it really liked it Dec 17, Antonio Teyken rated it it was ok Jul 19, Chris rated it liked it Jul 08, Mike rated it really liked it Sep 12, Joseph rated it it was amazing Aug 30, Laurie rated it really liked it Apr 29, David rated it it was ok Sep 05, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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