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A pause in the relentless overload of people, things, commitments, overbooking, information. A pause.

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A pause that is, without question, a necessity. How do we let that pause happen? There's a simple solution, one that few of us use.

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I learned to use it the hard way. Here it is, a proven formula for sleep: Say no. That's it. Just say no. No, I'm not going to a concert at 10 PM. No, I can't be in two places at once. No, that won't work for me.

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No, no thanks. No, as they say, is a full sentence. No is what lets me guard my time for the things I truly care about. My God, my self, my family, my work. No is a lovely, gentle, secret weapon that can make room for you to get enough sleep every night. It's easier if you're conscious of what allows you to get into bed with ease.

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On the other hand, if he stays awake much longer, the strain will be too much for his heart. Terrified, he runs back into Rathmann's office and jumps out the window to his death.

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The doctor calls his receptionist into his office - where Hall lies on the couch, his eyes closed. Rathmann tells the receptionist that Hall came in, lay down, immediately fell asleep - and then a few moments later, let out a scream and died. It never got there and one man onboard knew why. Next week, we tell this man's story.

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The distinguished actor Nehemiah Persoff plays the role of Carl Lanser, a haunted man in a haunting story called " Judgment Night ". Cynic philosophers also use this phrase in their everyday conversation. Here, Hamlet expresses his fear of the unknown after death, whether it might be better or worse than his life.

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  8. He says:. In this excerpt, dreams refer to the pain Hamlet fears to experience following death.

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    Since there is no guarantee that he will get relief from his sufferings and pains through death, he is forced to the reality and nature of death itself.