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Create a folder named, say. We shall store all our programs in this folder. Our first program will display the string 'Hello' on the command window and the name of the program will be say phello.

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By convention, Ruby source files have the. In Microsoft Windows, Ruby source files sometimes end with.

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For example, Foo class has name foo. Give the name phello. To run your program, open a command window and type ruby phello. Note : Ruby is a scripting language.

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This moves the file pointer back to the start of the file so we can read what have written:. Jump to: navigation , search. Android Studio 3. Navigation menu Personal tools. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

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This page was last modified on 27 October , at Privacy policy About Techotopia Disclaimers Mobile view. Table of Contents. You've passed in "howdy" and "everyone". You access these inputs by digging into a special constant which is a variable you shouldn't try to change called ARGV.

ARGV is simply an array that contains all your command line arguments:. As you can see in the last example above, you can only pass in command line arguments from the actual command line not within IRB.

How to Create Temporary Files in Ruby

There is a trick you can sometimes use to check whether your script is being run from the command line or as part of a larger program instead. You might do so if you want to puts some stuff only if it's called from the CLI to debug it maybe. Despite learning all those options, there's one which is particularly easy. Most modern text editors have the options to "build" or run your code right in the editor. The specifics of how to do so are just a Google search away for your particular editor.

There are a number of different ways to run your Ruby scripts and it's good to give each of them a try before you settle on one as your "go-to".

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A little bit of investment in learning these things can quickly add up to minutes and even hours of time. There are additional resources for this lesson. Check them out! Viking Code School Prep.