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Promoting Human Rights and Democracy: A New Paradigm for the European Union | UNU-CRIS

Beliefs, for all of us, start at the time of conception and before. Throughout your life they have morphed into your conditioned responses to every aspect of life as well as being the underbelly for any and all of your reactions to life.

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Shifting your perceptions in how you view your beliefs is where the breakthrough happens. Beliefs are concepts and all concepts are false. Have you ever thought about where your beliefs come from? The quest will lead you into one of experiencing life from your own inner truth rather than from the beliefs you have been taught to believe are the truth.

How free do you truly feel in your life?

Promoting Human Rights and Democracy: A New Paradigm for the European Union

Are you living your life, based on your own values, dreams and inner callings? Or are you living your life for others, dictated by the rules your family and society have imposed on you, and which you have been led to believe are your truth?

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Freedom from these limitations does not come from gathering more information or adding more concepts from an ever- expanding list of teachers and books, nor indeed does it come from the learning of anything. However you refer to it ubiquitous computing and connectivity through the internet has radically changed our lives.

It has challenged our Freedoms and Privacy while empowering both our work and our personal lives.

Tom Kaypacha Lescher: Redefining the Masculine and Feminine for a New Paradigm

We have the power to express ourselves in a worldwide forum through a variety of web services including millions of blogs and Social Media sites. We can not only assemble privately and publicly on the internet, but we can form innumerable affinity groups that meet in the real world ranging from dating sites to Flash Mobs, from Social Media to MeetUps.

The New Paradigm of Freedom

The internet has vastly reduced the resources necessary to becoming a News or Press outlet. Anyone with a viewpoint can editorialize, investigate, reveal or publish news for little cost. We have the complete Choice of Who, What, Where, When and How to gather the information that we need and to act on it both in Cyberspace and the real world.

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