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Poets have also explored the darker topics—loss, grief, anger, death, pain, fear. From Aristotle to the Biblical psalms, from Shakespeare to free verse and now to slam poetry, rap, hip hop, open mic poetry readings, poetry remains an alive, diverse, evolving form and practice. So how can writing poetry be therapeutic? It can help us to define ourselves, to explore our issues and to develop a voice from which to speak honestly. Poetry can help us to have a written record of our thoughts and feelings to reflect on.

It can also help us to find deeper meaning and purpose in our experiences. Finally, poetry can help to create form out of our sometimes chaotic and messy lives. My background: I am a therapist, writer and teacher. I taught writing classes at the Loft Literary Center for over ten years. I now have been a therapist for over ten years. I combine my two passions of poetry and therapy and offer individual, groups and workshops on poetry therapy and healing through writing. How does poetry therapy work in practice? As a poetry therapist, I will bring poems to our sessions that I feel fit the current issues or struggles you are having.

Together we will read the poem s , reflect on content, images, meaning. Sessions typically include reading a poem and writing but also each session includes time to talk, and to process life issues. Who is a good fit for poetry therapy? Writers, poets, musicians, artists, deep thinkers. Creative people who feel stuck. Those who love metaphor, imagery, story, lyric.

People who want to explore alternate ways to heal. Drop me a note and let me know you would like to explore poetry therapy! Wanna try a poetry therapy exercise? Then take one line from the poem that resonates with you or your life, write it down at the top of your page and begin to write about that idea. Good luck! Wild Geese by Mary Oliver You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.

Meanwhile the world goes on. Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain are moving across the landscapes, over the prairies and the deep trees, the mountains and the rivers. Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air, are heading home again. Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting - over and over announcing your place in the family of things. So what makes a bad parent?

What causes the adults I see to seek out therapy to recover, heal, and make sense of their upbringing? Of course physical and sexual abuse would top this category of things that parents do to mess their kids up. But what are the other, less obvious, parenting styles, tactics, beliefs that really mess people up? You think it is better to give advice than to have them discover their own truths, so you talk, talk, talk, lecture, lecture, and lecture. You try to shut them down as soon as you can by telling them not to feel, telling them how to fix it or berating them more so they shut down.

What this does: it makes it hard for your child to understand and recognize how he feels. You think you come first, your ideas and life matter most, your kids are just extensions of you not people in own right. What this does: it makes your child focus more on pleasing you, than on discovering who they are and what they believe.

You have to be right. You know you do. You think the way you see things is correct. You think if you always win the battle with your children that it is good parenting. You will never let your child win an argument because that shows weakness. You like to be the boss of the house. You yell a lot. You use your anger to control.

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You scare the kids into submission. What this does: it makes your child frustrated and angry and leads to more, not less, rebelliousness. You never apologize.

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What this does: you are actually teaching your children, by your example, not to apologize themselves, and not to admit when they are wrong. You feel threatened when your child succeeds so you try to knock her down a few pegs. You tell your children not to get too big for their britches, not to be too full of themselves.

What this does: every negative thing you tell them they will remember for the rest of their lives. Also, negativity makes it difficult for them to feel good about themselves as adults, to have good self-esteem. So, if you would like your child to end up in therapy, please keep doing all of the above. Growing up, I thought of myself as a girl. Why does girl clothing bother me? Why do I feel more comfortable around boys? And as a teen, the feeling intensifies more: Is something is wrong with me?

Why am I not okay with myself? As a counselor who works with transgender and gender-nonconforming TGNC adults, I sit in my therapist chair as ally and witness to their struggles. When I first started this work, I found myself struck by the amount of pain, self-hatred, anxiety and depression they felt. Often they have suicidal thoughts. But then after listening to many of their stories I began to understand their pain.

They may have to come out to mom, dad, sister, brother AND perhaps ultra conservative Aunt Mae, and Grandpa stuck-in-time. They may have to tell their co-workers and boss that they want to be called a different name, use a different pronoun, or that they may be dressing, or presenting themselves differently. They may want to start hormone therapy to effect body changes that better align with their gender identity.

They may want to have expensive surgeries to have body parts that align with their gender identities.

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They may have to come out in this current cultural stew of oppression, hatred, and misinformation. The TGNC community faces an atmosphere of open discrimination: where politicians use fear mongering about transgender persons to keep them from using the bathrooms that ally with their gender identity, when our president wants to ban them from the military, when only 20 states have statutes that protect sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.

Minnesota IS a state that offers protection. TGNC, then is a small percentage of our overall population, a minority group. As a minority group they therefore will need support of the majority, cisgender people, to also advocate for their rights. A good society, I believe, is not just one where the majority groups advocate for themselves and reap all the benefits. A good society is one where minority groups—racial, religious, sexual orientation and YES gender identities—are allowed equal access, protections under the law.

Transgender rights are human rights! Despite all the discrimination, hatred, non-acceptance by family members and society, many forge ahead anyway to express their true identities. And so today, because it is needed in our current political environment, I come out not only as an ally, a support, to the TGNC community, but also as someone who admires their strength, applauds their courage, and appreciates the more difficult path they must take to honor their own truth.

Instead, I just sit there for hours, sometimes doing nothing, sometimes just watching stupid shows. When someone is in a depression, it is like a force stronger than they are compels them to be stuck. This vortex is a negative energy that fights against any positive energy making it very difficult for the depressed person to move forward. When a person is depressed they hear from others around them that they should just pull out of it, get up, do something, damn it!

What the non-depressed person has difficulty understanding is that the depressed person is fighting a force. I have heard depression, or the couch vortex, called a black hole, a grey place, a dark energy. As a therapist, I realize that my role is help the client to resist, fight, escape the vortex. First steps for someone who is feeling very depressed is to check out medication options that may put the brain in a stronger place.

Therapy is also a good step, but it is important to find a therapist you like and who will work with you through the depression. Some keys: From my own work, I do see that there is a part of depression that is biochemical—medication, diet, exercise—are part of a good prescription for depression. I also think, however, that depression goes deeper than that.

Fence sitting 2. Failure 3. Fucked up self-talk. Fence Sitting : The person who is depressed is unsure of how to move on from something. Fear of change can be a part of this also. Change can be scary. Therapy can help to navigate this feeling of fence sitting. A good therapist can help to uncover blocks, make plans to move forward. The truth is: we all fail.

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I have failed at many things! We will be dropping the first single at the end of this month so stick around..

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