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Having these maps with the roads on them is a great help to the massive amount of text. It does help you orientate yourself a little easier. The other feature outside the story are the pictures of this book.

Mostly in a large size of a page to a picture these snaps are of a good quality and are placed in random places throughout the book. Some are captured around the time of the battle but several of these were taken a little after the battle which is fair enough. The text included with the captions explains in a helpful way the relevance of the shots to the text. IVs — but also there are shots of the , Pz. M, Sd. Ebooks and Manuals

This book is divided into twenty three chapters of only a few pages each and these chapters are placed within two main parts of the book. To better explain what really is in this book I have made notes along the way as I have read it and ill explain the main points of this book chapter for chapter. Part I: Prequel. Engineers in the way. Events at Trois-Ponts, Dec. The bridge at Neufmoulin, Dec. Starting off with the dispositions of the engineers of the th Engineer Combat Corps and the defences and support to the front line that would prove to be invaluable in the defence of the bulge in the following days.

The book takes you through roadblocks, checkpoints and defences as well as early encounters with the lead elements of the German spearheads from both sides. Even early in this book we hear some great personal accounts. The Germans intercepting an American jeep and the killing of the driver as well as the perfect execution of a roadblock and destruction of a German column at the bridge of bridge at Neufmoulin. Even early in the piece you can see that the authors just want to tell the facts and to let you judge the material. I like this approach very much as it leaves the parochial B.

This introduction is rounded out by a short summary of the events up until now.

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This sets us up for the battle to be played out and the main part of the book. Part II: December 22nd In Endgame in Stoumont we start by looking at the battle order of the American forces in the Stoumont area as well as the important scene-setter which is the weather outlook for the 22 nd.

This part includes several pictures of the US forces in the snow and mud of that time. Almost a laughable result I am sure dismayed the Germans and consequences of having fuel in a building that was shelled by the allies. Several Panthers have been captured next to houses with a fair bit of information attached to the pictures throughout the end of this chapter. This is the best and most relevant set of pictures of any in this book.

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With a map to accompany the information the G. The maps and text show La Gleize covered by the Americans on almost three sides and in great strength not to mention with petrol.

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Task force McGeorge was poised to strike from Boroumont and Roanne. From a bunch of excited RT phone chatter about the attacking German tanks by the Americans to a German who relayed the action then ultimately to the break-up of the attack by that combined panzers and infantry. This chapter further illustrates just how much of a beating the large Tiger II tanks could take — and just how superior in resources of fire that the Americans could bring to bear. Details of the trapped infantrymen and the attempts to bravely restore the spans of the bridge are a good read and the pictures show just how the aftermath looked.

Disconcerting stories of first-hand witnesses to a civilian massacre by the Germans also make for disconcerting reading but again they are told in a very neutral manner to the credit of the authors. The story is told by both sides and it is all the more interesting for the two accounts.

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