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These colorful and delicate look alike mini sandwiches have conquered our taste buds! Their first store in Paris is located at 16 rue Royale that you can check during our Paris Landmarks free walking Tour.

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This store and its decoration are simply one-of-a-kind, so charming and typically Parisian. A box of chocolates will extend your stay in Paris a few more days! As you will be back home while eating your chocolates, you will be able to remind the moments spent in the city of Paris. I love the fact that, usually, when people open a box of chocolates, the chocolate kind of look the same on the outside.

Paris Souvenirs: Where to Buy French Souvenirs

People love to eat the chocolates and try to guess the ingredients! If you want top quality chocolates, you can try the Alain Ducasse ones. These chocolates are exquisite! You can also try the Jeff de Bruges ones. There are five different stores in Paris! They are delicious as well and less expensive. It can be found in the Montorgueil neighborhood, at the 82 rue Montorgueil.

Another item I think is kind of cool to keep is your transports map all the maps you need. It is part of my top 20 souvenirs to bring back from Paris because each city is unique and they all have different types of public transports and organizations of lines. Read more about Parisian metro.

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Another souvenir I like to bring back from the cities I visit is a newspaper. During your stay in Paris, you should definitely buy a newspaper. It is a great way to see which were the headlines the time you visited the city of Paris and what was going on throughout the world at that moment.

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Carambars are on the market since ! Carambars are chewy caramel candies that are extremely delightful and addictive! Basically, you will only find Carambars in France, that is why I had to put in my top 20 souvenirs to bring back from Paris. These sweets are truly awesome and a great edible souvenir! Every time I go to France, a friend of mine always asks me to bring him a bag of carambars! Plus, inside each wrapper, you will find some jokes in French but they are not really funny. Cheese had obviously to be in this article about the best food to bring back from France!

There are more than different types of cheese in France, so you will have plenty of choice! They will give you the best advice depending on your tastes! Whether you like strong flavours or softer ones, you will find the perfect cheese to take back home with you! More information about cheese and more advices to choose a good cheese.

Shopping in Paris, Souvenirs, Typical and Cheap Gifts

French lingerie is elegant, sexy, classy but still comfortable. Brands like Passionata and Aubade present delicate and fancy collections that will enhance your body and curves. If I feel comfortable and elegant, I am much more confident. There are plenty of lingerie stores in Paris. You will definitely find a set of lingerie that will suit your style and tastes, and you will always remember your romantic trip to Paris. The unique French charm at a flea market is not to be missed. It is the heaven for the one looking for a unique, vintage gift, from furniture to jewelry.

You absolutely need to go to a flea market because you will find the most marvelous objects! And I think it can be a great option for souvenirs to bring back from Paris! It would really be a shame to miss it! Book a guided tour. Many Parisians actually own one. Great for gifts, great for us! Speaking of classes, I always bring back a little something special for my students. Kitchen sponges. Yes, really! A fabulous series that I reviewed recently. Ah I have a few Amora mustard glasses! Name required. Email will not be published required. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Home About me my book press classes macarons on food network. And of course, I always stock up on cooking magazines. But there are more types and shapes so you can keep looking. Boules Set. A very French traditional I would say ancient game yet still played today by the old ones, young ones, by friends and families.

Printemps Rooftop Terrace

Have you ever seen or heard about the French well dressed playing boules? The idea seems simple, you try to throw large metal balls closest to a smaller ball on gravel fields. Pink Pralines. They are a pride of Lyon that is why I know them so well and can recommend as a souvenir from France. Because the whole France appreciate them, like them and eat them in many forms. As sickly sweet, they can get in a form of pure pink sweets, in a good recipe of many pastries, sweet rolls, ice cream, tarts etc they are really delicious.

You can buy them anywhere in France, in Carrefour and Auchan. A very French tea, so French as you can see here. They have a big selection of roiboost, herbal teas, infusion teas. They are ideal for winter and refreshing cold for summer. Just try the very French tea and I bet you will fell in love with it.

Provençal print fabric

Ideal for a present for yourself and others. I made a small recipes book of Lyonnais food specialities in English. So now I can make a French meal and you can as well. Have a bit of France with you and share with others from anywhere in the world. Was this list of My Best 15 French Souvenirs useful for you? What French souvenirs have you bought or want to buy? Maybe I will like it as well, please share with me in comments below.

I am a Polish girl who felt in love with Lyon from the first sight! Jadorelyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, their cuisine, sharing the experience from visiting beautiful places in France. Jadorelyon is my new way of adding some Polish influence into French lives and watching on how they like it Thanks so much for this excellent list Aga.

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Something to remember for next time. Scarves also make great souvenirs — and they are relatively easy to pack! Thanks Janelle for sharing your experience with souvenirs from France I keep on searching for more ideas always. Thanks for joining in with AllAboutFrance. Thank you for your feedback and also for the opportunity to be a part of a group of people who also love France. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading Lyon is truly beautiful!