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The previous record holder was the "Long Island Express" Hurricane, which dropped as low as millibars. October 29, - New York Harbor's surf reaches a record level when a buoy measures a That wave is 6. Timeline: October 22, - Sandy develops into a tropical storm in the Caribbean Sea. October 24, - Sandy develops into a Category 1 hurricane.

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October 24, - Hurricane Sandy makes landfall near Kingston, Jamaica, with winds of 80 mph. October 25, - Hurricane Sandy makes landfall in southeastern Cuba as a Category 2 hurricane with mph winds. October 25, - Hurricane Sandy makes landfall in Haiti and Bahamas. October 26, - Is a Category 1 with winds of 80 mph. He orders the casinos to evacuate no later than 4 p.

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October 28, - New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority suspends subway and commuter rail services at 7 p. Bus services are suspended at 9 p.

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October 29, - Approaches land as a Category 2 storm. The cause of the blaze is not immediately released. October 30, - The New York Stock Exchange remains closed for the second consecutive day, the first time this has happened because of weather since Bloomberg rings the opening bell.

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