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I snuggled into skateboarders, homeless people and workers in suits.

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But my favourites were the hunky male surfers! From then on, I set up hugging stations every week, with a sign that read, Free hugs here!

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I knew that hugging lifted my spirits, and after some research, I learnt that hugging someone for 20 seconds releases serotonin — the happy hormone. Scientists have proved what I felt! I wonder if you hug yourself for that long, whether the same thing happens? I thought.

1. Hugs reduce stress by showing your support

So I wrapped my arms around my body and counted to I tried putting my right hand to the left side of my face and my left arm on my right hip. Playing around, I placed my hands on pressure points on my face and on my heart. Like any new invention, I kept it a secret while I fine-tuned it.

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Meanwhile, I made up T-shirts and a banner offering free hugs and continued to hit the streets. One day, I saw a man watching me. He clung to me before stepping back with tears in his eyes. Another time, I hugged a couple and their kids. See, hugs have serious healing power!

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  4. Studies have found they can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety and even improve your memory. My self-hugs made me feel so much better, I realised I wanted to teach other people how they could hug themselves. So in , I created a Facebook page, Hugging the world to healing, then I invited people to a hugging class. It was such a success that I travelled around teaching my techniques. Yet, I could not fathom for the life of me how this would be beneficial for hard-nosed business people. I am now a believer after examining first-hand the extreme positive power of self-compassion at work.

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    She wanted to study self-compassion. I begrudgingly agreed with some caveats: Convince me that self-compassion is 1 a worthy topic of study in organizational psychology and 2 offers unique insight into our understanding of job performance AND burnout. George was up to the task. Discovered that work self-compassion is unique from other important individual characteristics in the workplace. Demonstrated that work self-compassion uniquely explains job performance and job burnout.

    Explained why and how the H-Factor relates to performance and well-being — through work self-compassion. So what? Turns out the reason why is that honest and humble people are much more self-compassionate.

    How to hug yourself to sleep in just one minute

    Self-compassion promotes a positive mindset, leading to increased resiliency, which in turn allows people to thrive, perform at a high level, and have a happy and healthy outlook at work and home. One reason: self-compassion reduces cortisol levels, a hormone largely responsible for stress. Lower levels of it can be a very good thing, my friends. Self before others; not others before self—akin to putting your oxygen mask on before helping others do so in airplane emergency procedures.

    Work on self-compassion first, and then you will have more resources to help others. Not sure about you, but this is one condition I would certainly like to catch! One of the most awkward four-letter words on the planet is love. Love conquers all, love is old magic, love is blind, love will win out… Love — it makes people more uncomfortable than foul-mouthed derogatory four-letter words. It is true: all we need is love. But we first need to direct our love internally via self-compassion.

    For further exploration, take a look at Dr. Some really wonderful resources can be found on her site, and her research is bedrock solid. Learn how to deal with strong emotions—the Harry Potter way! Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive.

    Self-compassion, performance, and burnout at work.

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