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Blue Moon Shooter

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These stones let you alter and power your special ability as well as apply bonuses to your character. Want to freeze enemies with a tap while getting a health boost? There's a stone for that. The ability itself takes full advantage of the touch screen controls allowing you to pummel all enemies on screen by dragging and throwing them into walls or explosives.

You can even just tap them to deal damage or strategically place them in front of their own bullets and missiles! Moon Rift boasts a very accessible RPG system. Kill enemies, gain experience, level up! Leveling increases your health and energy and allows the use of higher level weapons.

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Additionally, the game features an old school rock-paper-scissors elemental system. Using a weapon with an adjacent element to your enemy is key! All elemental damage has a chance to inflict status effects. Those effects don't get replaced but instead stack, creating massive damage! Almost every level in Moon Rift, just like the guns, is procedurally generated. Well sort of, don't worry the game has an end, you're not collecting all that moon for nothing! A lot of thought has gone into making sure the controls feel natural and are easy to use on a touch screen device.

月射録 ~ The Moon-shooter

Moon Rift implements a simple dual stick approach. Left screen to move, right screen to shoot. Even most of the HUD is optional to reduce clutter on smaller screens. Don't worry! I'm at the point where this game needs funding to be possible. I am here now to ask for your support.

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I want to make this the game of my dreams but I also want to make this the game of your dreams. I want this project to be a collaboration. Every backer will have input on decisions affecting the game play, story and setting.


I am also open to any new suggestions and ideas. While obviously not everything is possible or plausible I will make sure this a game that you can't wait to play!

Highway to the Moon on Steam

Now Shoot the Moon and Sun!! A game where you need to hit the moon and sun with a missile targeted with a missile launcher. This is a super cool crazy game with funny and addicting super hilarious animations and background sounds. Now play and make high scores and then challenge your friends to beat your score. Knock the lunar off and won the moon before your friend win it. Now shot the singing and moving in the sky moon with tiny rockets and make him angry when ever the moon and sun get angry they will call a monster.

A great and cool challenging game for winter holidays. Target the missile at the moon and sun, snipe the moon and shot it for gaining points in this super cool fun extreme challenger game.