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They bring in millions of dollars through the drug trade, but prostitution, extortion, and identity theft are also major rings.

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They face competition from the Mexican Mafia, the predominant Hispanic gang in southern California known to NF as "sewer rats" or "scraps". Rodolfo Cadena In , Mexican Mafia leader Rodolfo Cadena called for a peace summit in prison in hopes of ending the war, but he was stabbed repeatedly by NF members, thrown off a tier, and stabbed to death on the cement below. More and more NF members were recruited in the s, and they wanted to control all of California from Bakersfield.

They found no shortage of young men willing to sign up, with money and power seducing many Mexican-Americans to joining the gang.

Their only way to earn their status as the NF was to spend time in prison. Their prison stronghold was Pelican Bay , where their main leaders lived. Some were forced to live in the Secure Housing Unit the "Shoe" , where 12, inmates were held in a "prison within a prison" where the inmate was under constant surveillance.

‘Operation Red Reaper’ Busts Massive Nuestra Familia-Norteño Prison Gang Drug Network

T Gerald Rubelcaba he NF imposed "gang taxes" on drug dealers and prostitutes to help them gain a flow of income, and in the s, their ranks swelled to more than 1, gang members. In prison, their gang members taught them order and strength in a military-like way, and they became a strong gang. The workouts were intense, and they also had to read history books, law books, and philosophy books.

Even in lockdowns, NF members were able to communicate using fishing lines, and they could educate their friends about making crude weapons and using codes.

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Nuestro General Gerald "Cuete" Rubelcaba ordered the assassination of former NF member Robert "Brown Bob" Viramontes in early , a member of the leading council fo the NF and a year veteran who had covered up his NF tattoo on his back and also educated young kids about the dangers of gang life. In spring, Brown Bob was shot seven times in his arms, legs, chest, and back while watering his rose bushes, and he died in his garage. He decided to go to the garage so that his wife and two sons were not killed in the house, and the message showed that even the leaders were able to be targeted.

The Nuestro Generals are in charge of one Captain each; the Captains have one Lieutenant each; and the Lieutenants have three Soldados.

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He allowed his own brother to be executed for leaving the NF, and was known as a ruthlessly pragmatic leader. His second-in-command Joseph "Death Row Joe" Gonzalez spent years on death row before he was commuted to a life sentence, and he had no patience for fools. If an NF person did not go along with the program, he would kill them without any questions. Joe Cabrera lived in Watsonville and was raised in Davenport, according to his obituary.

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He was considered a master mechanic. By Michael Todd mtodd santacruzsentinel.

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Oscar Cabrera was convicted of first-degree murder Dec. Defense attorney Art Dudley said he would file notice of appeal shortly after the sentencing. Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us.

Law enforcement authorities seized 40 pounds of cocaine, 14 pounds of marijuana, and dozens of firearms. On June 11, , Santa Clara County district attorney Jeff Rosen announced the indictment of 48 Nuestra Familia associates on 77 felony charges ranging from drug dealing to murder. While Nuestra Familia is primarily a Chicano gang, membership sometimes extends to other Latinos as well as non-Latinos. Members of the organization are considered to have taken a "blood oath" to join the gang, and are considered lifelong participants.

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Membership in the gang extends beyond prison. The NF has a formal written constitution and claims about inmate members. Members of Nuestra Familia are known to wear red bandanas "red rags" to identify themselves. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. United States portal Criminal justice portal. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved The Press Democrat. Archived from the original on Narcotics Digest Weekly : 1— October 4,