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You simply have to create unique content and optimize it for search engines and people at the same time. This is the first and most important question. Creating original, thought-provoking and engaging content is a great start. Content and SEO must go hand in hand from the beginning. You can choose from various content types:.

Blogs are very popular, especially in the last years. A good blog is a great source of user engagement not only for bloggers but also for e-commerce websites, SaaS businesses or professional service providers. Blogging is also a way how to earn money by doing what you love travel bloggers, marketing bloggers, etc. Unique blogs with in-depth articles, guides and how-tos can make you a respected influencer in the industry. You can be really creative with the types of content you publish on your blog. Here are the most common ones based on a survey by GrowthBadger :.

Quality product pages should be the top priority of every online business. They are often used as landing pages for PPC campaigns, including the AdWords remarketing or paid social media. Do you want to be an influencer? Writing a review is nothing new but in the world of the internet, everything can be reviewed. You can write reviews of tools, films, bars, restaurants, electronics, you name it.

Reviews are an inevitable ingredient of the influencer marketing. Tell the world about how you do things, share interesting data you collected, reveal what is your customer satisfaction strategy or how you failed when launching a new product. Do experiments, test various myths in your industry.

What is SEO? The 12222 SEO Tutorial for Complete Beginners

Probably the best thing about case studies is that they are always unique and bring new information for readers. Check this survey on the benefits of publishing original research by Buzzsumo :. Everyone likes them! However, authors frequently use them as a text substitution. Infographics then end up as complicated images with a bunch of copy, so they lost the potential.

Many times, guides are published as a part of blogs. You can write guides or how-tos, but keep in mind that there are already thousands of them. Another popular form of written content. There are thousands of top lists out there so think wisely about the topic. Writing lists is an opportunity to include downloadable items to collect leads, to earn valuable comments and to create a buzz thanks to social shares and backlinks.

Getting unique information and opinions from an industry guru is excellent! It helps to build credibility, traffic, social shares and backlinks. You can write, record a video or a podcast. Higher engagement, social shares, likes, backlinks, more leads and conversions. These are the biggest benefits of using video content. Make your post more interesting by sharing or embedding the video by an industry expert!

It can enrich your content and make the reader stay longer on your website. Ebooks are usually used for lead generation. Maybe more in the B2B industry but there are still many B2C websites that require an email address to download an ebook. No one gives you the contact details just like that. You need to give readers a good reason. Ebooks usually come in PDF and contain a long piece of content.

A few years ago, long posts stuffed with keywords ranked on the top positions easily. Somehow, it got to the point, where it looks like there are hundreds of almost identical articles with the same keywords. It starts with the title, first paragraph, content type and most importantly the overall content structure. When it comes to time, posts with a 7-minute reading time are ideal according to Medium. When it comes to SEO, there are many studies.

Most of them prove that longer posts rank slightly better. The graph with the correlation between the content length and organic positions, based on the study by Can I Rank. Sooner or later, we all get to the point where we need to repeat a few words we have written somewhere else on our website. You can find out more on Google Search Console help pages. Google algorithm differentiates whether you do it on purpose or as a natural part of your new content.

The risks, not to mention the costs, of being a copycat are excessive. Google will penalize and skip your website from the search results. A popular tool to detect the plagiarism is Copyscape. All you need to do is to enter the URL of the post. Creating great content starts with proper research. Think of the topic, do keyword research, ask your friends, conduct polls on Facebook or anywhere else. Once you choose the topic, scan the market and carefully read all top ranking websites. Right after that, you can start promoting it. You simply have to know what keywords to target to generate enough quality traffic.

Google offers many keyword suggestions directly in the SERP. With the autocomplete feature, you just need to write your seed keyword into the Google search and the suggestions will appear automatically. You can combine your seed keyword with different letters from the alphabet to find more autocomplete ideas e. There are many free keyword tools that can give you hundreds of keyword ideas based on a single seed keyword. Another popular free tool is AnswerThePublic. It automatically generates hundreds of Google autocomplete suggestions. Of course, free tools are very limited in their features.

They offer many keyword suggestions, but what to do with keyword ideas? The professional paid keyword tools offer other useful SEO metrics and insights to evaluate the keywords and pick the best ones. Besides, they save you a lot of time a give you a competitive advantage. Besides keyword suggestions, it calculates the difficulty of ranking for the keywords as well as SERP for each keyword to help you estimate your chances and analyze the competitors. Tip: Try KWFinder with a day free trial. No credit card needed. You may think: Do I need a paid keyword tool?

My rule of thumb is this: If you make money from your website in any way, then a quality keyword tool is a great investment that will pay off sooner or later. You can look for keyword ideas almost anywhere. Focus on websites people in your niche use to ask questions, communicate and share ideas. In the past, content creators did keyword research only to find the keywords with high search volumes.

They stuffed them into content to trick the search engine algorithms and ensure high rankings in organic search. This no longer helps because keyword research has become a lot more complex! It helps Google to understand the intent behind the search query and deliver the most relevant results thanks to the machine-learning system. Relevant keywords with high search volumes and low keyword difficulty — an ideal combination of the three most important factors of keyword research.

We call it The tripod rule of keyword research — these three factors represent the three legs. As soon as you take one of the legs, the tripod will collapse. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy and you need to look for a balance between these factors. Long tail keywords have lower search volumes but there are thousands that represent the opportunity for you. Visitors who find you via long tail keywords will engage with your content a lot more and their conversion rates are higher.

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And you want to be at the top of these relevant results. The biggest con of long tail keywords is their search volume. Sometimes, it may be as low as searches per month. The keyword difficulty is a very useful metric that will help you with it. The value is usually indicated on a scale from 0 to The higher the score is, the harder it is to rank on the 1st SERP for the keyword. There are many keyword research tools on the market calculating the keyword difficulty. The values may vary — you can see score 30 in one tool and 50 in another one for exactly the same keyword.

The important thing is to compare the results within one tool. Further reading How to do keyword research for Google RankBrain. Look at the SERP for the keyword:. Yes, these kinds of keywords are very attractive but in most cases, they are not relevant to your niche. The majority of searches are long tail queries. Newbies and impatient content creators usually find a keyword with high search volume in Google Keyword Planner or any other keyword research tool while not thinking about other metrics.

Another mistake is data misinterpretation. Another thing you should avoid at all costs is keyword stuffing. Keyword research is no longer about finding one ideal keyword and using it as much as possible. Google has evolved and it understands what the content is about. If it is well-written, comprehensive and user-friendly, you may actually rank for keywords you did not even use in your text.

LSI Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are keywords that are semantically related to the main seed keyword. They are a great add-on to keyword research. LSI keywords change all the time based on the current trend. Adding semantic keywords to your content is a good idea. You can use LSIGraph to generate a bunch of beneficial keyword ideas.

Link building is a process of collecting links from other websites. From the technical point of view, backlinks are hypertext links that serve as navigation among websites. The links are crawled by search engines. Search engines use links to explore new websites and to set the overall ranking of a website in SERP.

In other words, they explore new content and determine the authority of a website based on the authority passed from external sources. We can distinguish between external link building and internal link building. Internal link building means using a link pointing from one page to another page on the same domain.

This SEO guide explains acquiring links from external domains. Do follow backlinks pass the external source authority to the linked website. Do follow links look like this in the HTML code:. When Google introduced PageRank in , the number of backlinks was used as an important metric of the overall ranking. The more links you earned, the better was your ranking. SEO specialists started to abuse PageRank in order to increase the rankings. Many Google algorithm updates led to the fact that many old link building techniques are now penalized or no longer relevant.

The anchor text is the strongest indicator used by search engines when it comes to backlinks. Therefore, it determines what keywords the website should rank for.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide - Search Console Help

Keep in mind that over-optimized anchors may lead to an algorithmic penalty by Google. The higher is the value, the higher is the quality of the backlink. The first mentioned says that sites closely linked to a trusted seed site can see higher scores, whereas sites that may have some questionable links would see a much lower score. Citation Flow predicts how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it. Links referring to a website have to be relevant to its content. Links placed in the main articles or sections are better than links in footers and sidebars. Single links tend to be more valuable than sitewide links.

Sitewide links appear on all pages of a website. They are usually in the footer, header, sidebar or blogrolls. Sitewide links are great both for internal and external link building. They can generate a lot of traffic. Besides the aspects mentioned above, we need to consider the freshness of the link, the anchor quality, popularity and social signals. The techniques that were the simplest reciprocal links or directory submissions do not work anymore, so the SEOs spend a lot of time trying different approaches. All in all, the best links are natural links. On the other hand, to acquire them may not be easy at all.

Make sure they look as natural as possible. Private blog networks are websites to implement links to other websites ones that generate money. You need to pay for a domain, hosting and set of blog posts. Sometimes the costs of a PBN can be higher than the profit. Google Penguin algorithm update from April brought penalization for bad, spammy, or low-quality links. These tags help search engines understand what your image is about. They also help users with visual impairment as their screen readers can read the alt and title tags to them.

If you are a photographer or add a lot of images to your WordPress site, then you need to use a gallery plugin. We recommend using Envira Gallery. Each week, Google blacklists around 20, websites for malware and around 50, for phishing. This means that the security of your WordPress site is crucial for good rankings. At WPBeginner, we use Sucuri to protect our website against attacks.

This adds an additional security layer to your WordPress site. If you are using Bluehost , then you can purchase a SSL certificate. For step by step instructions, see our guide on how to get a free SSL certificate. If you want a premium wildcard SSL certificate or just a regular certificate with security warranty, then we recommend using Domain. You also get a TrustLogo site seal to display on your site for added credibility.

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Go ahead and implement a few of these WordPress SEO tips, and you should see an increase in your traffic within a few months as the search engines process your changes. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Trusted by over 1. Thank you, glad you like our content. Glad our tutorial could be helpful. Why do you do this?

What motivated you to invest so much of your time in this… Much appreciated! We wanted to help people who wanted a better understanding of SEO, glad it was helpful. Hi there! Thank you for the very good article…… Could you please explain why sometimes in the description do appear the Sitelinks and sometimes not? Could you please also explain how to hide from the sitelinks the author of the blog and the post categories? Glad you like our content. Glad our content could be helpful. I wanted to know that does my own content already shared at any website comes into scrapped?

How can we improve website traffic? Just curious — Why is nofollow not the default? How do I make this suggestion to WordPress? Having follow on links would be for internal linking to other articles. You would want to go to the WordPress. But you really explained in very good way , now i am going to start my project after reading this blog. Thank you, glad our article was helpful. Glad our article could be helpful. Amazing post, it is interesting to read, a great attempt for beginners.

Step 3: Make sure your website is accessible to both search engines and humans

I like your blog and way of writing. Required only when it comes to promoting my site on Google. Thanks for the insight.

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Currently i am started my own blog inspire by WPBeginner.. Glad you found our article helpful. Thank you WordPress for this post and the blog section to show us light. I have been blogging with wordpress self hosting and it is quite easy and effective. I know that it takes time with seo to gain traction. Carry on the good staffs. I had trouble with your SEO optimization help since the menu structure of the examples does not match the menu options in my site administration. Settings Permalinks is not where you say it is, for instance. Just to be sure, if you are on WordPress.

It merely sets the name of the browser tab, and Google and other search engines use it when showing the page in search results. Conventional wisdom also suggests keeping yours under 60 characters to avoid truncation in full in search results. Use the standard HTML format for headers H1 to H6 to make it easy for search engines to understand the structure of your page and the importance of each section.

You can have more than one H1 tag per page , but we recommend sticking to one.

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  • Every time you go a step deeper in your content, use the next type of header, e. Following a clear and exhaustive structure makes it easy for search engines to categorize your content and also helps human readers. To help Google and other search engines understand your images, you should use the alt tag to describe and explain them. Schema has become a popular way to improve how your website looks in search results. For example, you can use it to add ratings to your search results entry, thus making it more noticeable:. Therefore, your goal should be to create a positive experience for both humans and bots.

    Understanding how to create pages optimized for bots can be challenging. Both humans and search engines prioritize the loading speed of websites. A sitemap is an XML file which lists all the pages on your site. Search engines use it to find your content and understand how your pages are connected i. While the sitemap lays out the full structure of your website, the robots. Image source. Having a robots. The strategic linking of various pages on your website is a great way to increase the speed at which search engines crawl your site, and point them to your most important pages.

    These work but they can get complicated. For now, focus on creating a strong structure with plenty of links between relevant pages. The structure of the data on your website plays a significant role in successful SEO performance. There are many tactics you can use to get other websites to link back to your web pages. Some are more legitimate than others. We put our heart and soul into this guide. Neither of those two pages is bad. The page even links out to a few Dublin guides and resources, which makes it even more likely that they would be willing to include our guide.

    SEO Tutorial for Beginners - Step by Step Guide 2019! (+YOAST SEO)

    Learn how to do that in this video :. Broken link building is where you find relevant broken pages with backlinks pointing to them on other sites. You then reach out to the people linking to the dead resource to suggest that they swap out the dead link for a suitable replacement on your site. I run the page through Ahrefs and check out the Broken links report:. I find one that looks interesting. Based on the text on Reddit, this page contained a map of public WiFi areas in Dublin.