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This is a mistake, given the financial support and profit incentives commercial networks provide for army commanders and intelligence officials responsible for torture, mass atrocities, and other grave crimes of war.

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International and domestic courts have tools to create a new paradigm for accountability by focusing on money. Making violence in East and Central Africa less lucrative is a job that should concern law enforcement worldwide.

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The report proposes a shift in the approach to justice for serious international crimes, targeting the perpetrators of atrocities where they are often most vulnerable: their money. According to the report, the globalized nature of commercial networks has shielded them from the crimes they help commit, but can also be a boon for champions of justice: following the money in war crimes investigations will have a multiplier effect on the number of jurisdictions that can prosecute a war crime.

That is no longer something anyone can ignore. Disrupting illicit financial flows is core to the peacebuilding agenda in East and Central Africa.

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That means making better use of network sanctions and anti-money laundering measures, and it also means deploying the power of the courts. International prosecutors and domestic war crimes units have a chance to break ground in the financial arena, by holding commercial enablers to account, and seizing assets. This report shows the way to make sure we finally start to see financiers and profiteers held to account for their roles in grave violence with more regularity. In a comprehensive look at domestic and international efforts to prosecute atrocity crimes, the report suggests important interventions to bring the financial aspects of war crimes into courtrooms, in service to justice and other fundamental rights of affected communities.

Beyond Sanctioning Elusive War Criminals, Prosecute the Profiteers

The report makes the following recommendations to authorities at domestic, regional, and international levels:. The Sentry aims to create significant financial consequences for kleptocrats, war criminals, and their international collaborators through network sanctions, anti-money laundering measures, prosecutions, compliance action by banks, and other tools of financial pressure.

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These measures aim to disrupt the profit incentives for mass atrocities and oppression, and create new leverage in support of peace and human rights. The Sentry and its partner the Enough Project undertake high-level advocacy with policymakers around the world as well as wide-reaching education campaigns by mobilizing students, faith-based groups, celebrities, and others.

Veiled in obsessive secrecy, Bechtel has had closer ties to the US government than any other private corporation in modern memory.

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“Prosecute the Profiteers” New Report on Following the Money to Support War Crimes Accountability

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