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Orb Changer has been added at Monster Book. Profile No. Assist Bonus Stat. Applicable Killer Latents. Stats Comparison. Evolution Chart. Ex-God Fest. Exclusive God Series. Drop Locations for Stats Growth Chart. A CoC P. II Dark Golem Mk. Bison M. II Machine Golem Mk. Satan Mr. Monster Strength. Rating: 8. Rate this monster. Tell us what you think about this card. By Dr. Psaroo 4 years ago 7. With that absurd LS, it's no wonder he got to sleep with Echidna Psaroo in reply to Shoukon 4 years ago 7.

Skyknight 4 years ago 7. ChaosS 4 years ago 7. Thats nice way to put it. Last edited by ChaosS 4 years ago 7. Shoukon in reply to Anteka 4 years ago 7. Anteka 4 years ago 7.

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I don't know what character in mythology he refers to, he's wielding the same swords as Crimson Lotus Princess Echidna. Typhon is Echidna's husband though. TeachMePlz in reply to Dr. AUO in reply to Skyknight 4 years ago 7. He took the charm off Echidna's magma-edged sword to boot lol Last edited by urtoast F 4 years ago 7.

FlyingKing in reply to Skyknight 4 years ago 8. Odd, since this card pairs amazingly with Echidna. I'm so glad they made this Healer sub. By Satan 4 years ago 7. By purin 4 years ago 7. While I'm not too savvy with the ins and outs of PAD I'm a bit lazy with the math and sub strategies , this guy is one of the most powerful leads I've had the pleasure to roll I'm blown away. I used him with my two urds, summurd, and an urd friend, and blew through a legendary descend tonight.

It was the first descend I've ever cleared and It really got my heart and adrenaline pumping I hope y'all know that feeling; It's a real natural high. Like all the urds, Gadius is pretty cool -- and I haven't even gotten to awaken him yet. By Yellow Pf 4 years ago 7. Sir Kyle 4 years ago 7.

TeachMePlz 4 years ago 7. By aszma 4 years ago 8. Ive just made a gadius team and have been testing him out on the easier decendeds and true endless corridors and here are some pros and cons to using him and one issue that i think needs to be address. Yeah, the HP is low That is my biggest complaint. You basically have to not get touched with him as a leader. You also wind up with not so high ATK subs because of all the heart makers that you need to bring. I also noticed that a lot of the best heartmaker subs don't have skill boost awakenings, so while they may be in the turn range, they are't usually up as fast as well skilled subs on say a rsonia team.

The tradeoffs make it powerful but not completely unbalanced like it seems it would be at first glance. I wish he had a 1. He is a super fun leader to use, and is a suprisingly good sub for RGY to boot and has farmable skillups Nothing wrong with any of that. Marian in reply to greml1n 4 years ago 8. Destro in reply to Marian 4 years ago 8. I agree, his active skill does not synergize very well with his LS or awakenings. In order to make red rows, you need more fire orbs in his active skill and in order to make his leader skill to work on bosses you need at least six.

It would make more sense for his active skill to be red and heal for rows and heal combos or, change his active to red, heal and light and make his awakenings TPAs instead of rows. By PBJburger 4 years ago 7. By FlyingKing 4 years ago 8. Arrr ya ready kids? Aye, aye, captain!

Flameguy Dragonpants! Who's got great abs like Odin and Echidna's blades too? By Nirumi 4 years ago 7. How long will it be until this comes out? How long did the norns take? By RTSKing 4 years ago 8. I feel like his awoken skills are somewhat lacking. Add some Two-Prong when ult evo'd maybe? It'd definitely be a nice boost. Illucio 4 years ago 8.

Well his hearts both require 2 sets of 3, there's no point to add 2 prongs because then you would have to make 2 sets of hearts and then multiple fire's of 4. It's easier, and more orb efficient to make 2 sets of hearts, then have fire row enhance because then you can try and eliminate all your fires in one row. Granted I can see where it might be slightly easier to have maybe 2 rows of 4 fires so you could use a 2 prong instead.

ISBN 13: 9780821745083

Then again you may only have 3 hearts and then have a ton of room for rows. Granted most of his best dubs have fire rows Uriel and Yamato So to be safe, rows for him are probably the way to go for a Ultimate evolution. And maybe some bind resists so he can resist bind AND get rid of them for the rest of his team considering he needs his subs to orb change.

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By RedBaron 4 years ago 7. I am so sick of juggler comments littering every. Just stop. Well in this case, Gadius is rightfully comparable to Juggler, as their leader skills both increase ATK based on matching hearts - but I understand the sentiment. By Skyknight 4 years ago 7. Yamasachi, Durga, Secrets Kali, and Kirin are grimacing as we speak.

Unless secondary ultimates are in store for them, anyway. Kali's recent buff to be a x36 lead, this is so much easier. By UaahMaster 4 years ago 7. Maybe I'm just dumb but it's not making sense to me. Cause the "additional combo" up from 1 is 2, but do you get x4 or x6? Dyinanic 4 years ago 7. Not a typo. By milkyway 4 years ago 8. This is the hottest male monster in all of PAD, hands down! Beautiful art work as well. By Huggierr 4 years ago 8. By Wingus 4 years ago 7. I am non IAP these rolls were in Japan, of course I pulled 11 times.

I think I did pretty well Hoping to build a team around him, with Urd and the red toydragon as he makes hearts as subs By Freeze 4 years ago 7. LKali sub in conjunction with BValk? Especially good, since this hottie is a healer. Tyi PF 4 years ago 7. Having two off color subs might mess with your damage output though. I think it might be better to focus on other utility or light tpa subs rather than another pseudo kali active. If you don't have anything better, then by all means.

We all work with what we have. By Tyi PF 4 years ago 7. I read this wrong and thought it said 6x and 2x for all cards when 1 heart combo is matched.

That scared the crap out of me. By Poop 4 years ago 7. G 4 years ago 7. By Carson 4 years ago 7. By ryanatk 4 years ago 7. By ChaosS 4 years ago 7. Sight weaker version of juggs, at least he looks so much more awesome! Sangu 4 years ago 7. By Sacchi 4 years ago 7. By Loghrif 4 years ago 7. That power creep Last edited by Loghrif 4 years ago 7. By Amy 4 years ago 7. This guy is probably going to be very hard to roll. I'm thinking Blue Metatron hard, at least for me anyway :. By Nemesis 4 years ago 7. By Gmoney PG 4 years ago 7.

How is this thing even close to fair? Look at Vishnu: match 1 set of heart orbs and get x6. Match 2 sets of heart orbs and get x That is literally the same difficulty about none to get x Gungho plz? Yes but if you match 2 combos with Vishnu those deal damage.


If you match 2 heart combos and nothing else you deal zero damage. So basically you have to make two heart combos while also making a number of color combos to deal damage. If you have a mono team it is very hard to consistently pull off two sets of heart orbs plus the color you need. By xima yi 4 years ago 7.

If you look at the wording of the leader skill, it states that the monster gets 6x when reaching 2 combos. However, it doesn't specify that the second combo needs to be heart. Does it? Erevan PF 4 years ago 7. I've dabbled in JP a bit, and unfortunately, both combos DO have to be hearts. By lolremake 4 years ago 7. By vipereborn 4 years ago 7. I just got him today and these are the subs that made sense to me, "LKali, DKali, Red riding hood and sleeping beauty" give it a minute to sink in.

Firenmage 4 years ago 8. By Prospero 4 years ago 7. Just rolled him. Plenty of rows and hearts, bind protection and skill boosts. Going to be awesome.

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  • Also will try it with yomato and ,strawberry dragon in place of ronia. See what flows better. Bob 4 years ago 7. Prospero in reply to Bob 4 years ago 7. Nope but she makes dark. And with uriel it will make a board of fire and heart. Heart orbs enhanced. It works pretty nicely. It's killer. Uriel, rouzel and freyr are core. Yomato can be anyone. Ronia , uriel, shogun, Stawberry dragon. Just need a few more tamadras to make strawberry viable. That's a 72x board. Before the row, heart enhances, Combo's, fire enhances are calculated.

    Should wipe out anything. Last edited by Prospero 4 years ago 7. By Bob 4 years ago 7. Prospero 4 years ago 7. Liu bei takes hearts though.

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    Is the only problem I see with him. Still experimenting, thanks for suggestions. With this guy as lead it's just plain ridicules. Besides him making light, dark, fire for an active as well with a light sub type opens the sub pool right up. Bob in reply to Prospero 4 years ago 7. Realistically if you just combo with him with 2 sets of hearts, it'll be enough, you don't really need rows with 36x.

    Its the same as Light Kali and no one really does rows with Kali. Availability: Ships anywhere in the United States. More gifts from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


    Visit FOX. Any use reproduction, modification, distribution, display or performance of this material without NBCUniversal's prior written consent is prohibited. Color: Choose an Option Choose an Option Please specify a valid Email Address. Add to Cart. Captain Holt, aka Velvet Thunder, is just as serious about his new nickname as he is about his job.

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